Your first shower gift will probably be a baby blanket. So, what’s all the fuss about baby blankets? As a new mom or dad, you’re probably wondering, “Can I wrap my newborn baby in his or her blanket in the bassinet or crib on a cold winter night?” The answer is NO. Newborns should never be covered with a blanket or comforter. The American Pediatric Society states “bare is best”. Keep the blanket out of the bassinet or crib until your baby becomes a toddler. They can become entangled in the blanket, which isn’t safe for your baby. 

Blankets have so many other uses! The minky receiving blankets manufactured by Liz and Roo are for wrapping baby while rocking or holding your baby, for “tummy time”, for car seat or stroller use. The key is to use the blanket outside the crib. You can lay the blanket on the floor and place your baby on the blanket for cleanliness and comfort. Our blankets are all cotton on one side and faux fur on the opposite side. Babies just love the feel of fur against their tender skin. It’s a great way to play with your baby on the floor. Your baby will just love the feel of the minky faux fur!

Another very popular blanket is the “Lovey”, the ultimate security blanket. Babies become attached to and depend on a security blanket, so don’t be surprised if you wish you had bought two! It is very difficult to get your toddler to change blankets if it wears out too soon and you cannot find a replacement. Liz and Roo’s “Little Roo” is the perfect security blanket, measuring 15″ x 15″, backed in satin (which babies love to touch and caress), and featuring faux fur that feels like rabbit fur. Plus, we have a signature kangaroo puff patch that babies love to touch. You’ll find this security blanket helps your baby go to sleep plus helps in transition, such as going off to daycare or traveling. Any new environment can cause stress, and their security blanket helps ease that stress.


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