Planning on a gender neutral theme for your nursery? Boy, girl, twins (or more!) gender neutral baby bedding is a popular choice for nurseries. The ideas and directions you can take are endless. Gray is the most popular color, but navy, taupe or any of the tan-palette colors have emerged as strong gender neutral nursery colors. Once you have decided on your theme or color, don’t forget that you will need to coordinate your crib and furniture with your crib bedding. We recommend starting with the selection of your furniture. Furniture often takes up to 12 weeks to order and arrive, so you will want to plan early to make sure you have ample time to set up the nursery. Then, you can focus on the perfect crib bedding. The beauty of gender neutral bedding is how interchangeable it is on different colored cribs. 


Linen crib bedding has its own special character and works beautifully for either a baby girl or a baby boy nursery. Liz and Roo’s new neutral linen crib bedding collections will turn your baby’s nursery into a calm sanctuary. These refined linens are washable. Linen is soft and lightweight, a product of nature. What could be better for your baby girl or baby boy than linen? We love the soft hand and natural texture of linen. It is a fabric that will last, an all-season fabric, and one that creates an elegant nursery. Our bedding set, shown below, is paired with Natart’s crib in “sugarcane” finish.  This is a convertible crib that will one day become a full sized bed. The beauty of the design element of this room is the ability to transition from crib to toddler to teen.

Gender Neutral Nursery by Liz and Roo

Accessories can really turn the room into pure perfection. Don’t forget the walls, the lights, and more. Consider a chandelier from a second hand shop (as in our photo above) that fits your nursery’s character. Don’t forget the little things: a wastepaper basket, lamps, books, and more. Make the nursery special by personalizing the room. Consider something monogrammed. Wall initials are extremely popular and a fun do-it-yourself-project. Stenciling is another option. Of course, Liz and Roo monograms baby pillows and shams, a very popular gift for baby! Pinterest is a great source of monogramming ideas for the nursery.

Another example of gender neutral crib bedding is the popular combination of gray bedding on a white crib. This works for both baby girl and baby boy nurseries. This “Grey Trellis” crib bedding on Natart’s white crib gives a clean, sophisticated look. See how it is paired with a sugarcane finish shelving unit (which later becomes a closet to hang clothes!), an alternative to the all-white nursery furniture. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces in the nursery. Have fun decorating your gender neutral nursery. For more ideas, visit our gender neutral gallery of baby bedding sets by Liz and Roo.

Grey Trellis Gender Neutral Crib Bedding

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