Crib Sheets: The Liz and Roo Difference

Liz and Roo crib sheets and changing pad covers are different. Open your package, unfold your sheet, and you’ll see the difference immediately. We use a one-inch elastic band all the way around, which means our sheets will adjust to any mattress height and any changing pad size! The Liz and Roo Sheet is on the left, featuring the 360 degree elastic band. On the right is a typical crib sheet that’s made overseas (and many made right here in the US, as well) with an inexpensive, thin band. The difference is quality, durability, and fit. Our corners won’t tear or rip when making the bed. The seams won’t come undone, and the elastic won’t unravel. 


What else makes a difference? We use fine fibers to make our sheets. After all, your new baby will be sleeping on these sheets up to 16 hours a day when first born. One touch, one look, and you will understand the difference between a Liz and Roo crib sheet and all the rest! Whether your buy our white or ivory egyptian cotton, or our patterned cotton twill sheets, you’ll love the quality and the texture.

So, when shopping for crib sheets, examine the packaging for several things:

  • Is the product guaranteed? A one year guarantee ensures you’re protected.
  • Does the elastic go all the way around the sheet (360 degrees)? You don’t want “corner bands”. 
  • How thick is the elastic band? Thin, 1/4″ or even 1/2″ tend to loose elasticity after washings.
  • How deep are the pockets? How deep is your mattress? You don’t want a fight on your hands when making the bed!
  • What’s the material? All cotton is best.

Liz and Roo Fine Baby Bedding offers crib sheets with extra deep pockets (7″) and changing pad covers in over 20 different styles. All are egyptian or cotton twill, and all feature the 360 band with the hug fit! We guarantee our crib sheets and contoured changing pads. That’s the kind of quality you can expect from sewn-by-hand baby bedding by Liz and Roo.


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