If you’ve been on Pinterest looking around at nursery design, no doubt you’ve seen the Woodland themed nursery bedding. We’re in love with all things Woodland, and have been working on some new designs that will debut soon! Be on the lookout for canoes, tee pees, and more in the popular colors of coral and navy.

We love coral crib bedding and you’ve been telling us that you do, too. We recently did a photo shoot of our coral crib sheet in “scribble” (it looks like driftwood, which is great for the Woodland crib bedding concept) with a coral arrow crib skirt. Running the arrows horizontally (not up the roll, as it comes) means you get to see the pattern more clearly, because the crib slats don’t get in the way…. they don’t block the arrows as they would if they were to straight run up and down. The coral in the crib sheet is a true coral (not pink) so it will work fantastic for a baby boy nursery (and of course, for a baby girl nursery, too).

 We also discovered some great new fabrics with tee pees! Take a look at these two adorable prints we are bringing on board soon. This repeat pattern will make a great crib rail cover or bumper. We love the coral crib rail cover trimmed in navy and the navy trimmed in coral.  Next, the aztec pattern is a new one, and these two colors also coordinate with the tee pee colors. These patterns and colors make great coral crib bedding, navy crib bedding, and woodland crib bedding combinations. They’ll be photographed soon so be on the lookout.




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