When raising your little one, you always want them to grow up with intelligence. However, it may seem difficult to do so. Where do you start? What should or shouldn’t you do? Well, there are many ways to get your baby’s brain stimulated, even in their early days of life. Some of these sources of stimulation occur very naturally, and you don’t even have to think twice about them. However, you can take some extra steps to further enhance their brain functioning. Read more to learn!


Whether you are talking to a friend while holding your baby or singing a song in the car, your little one will be listening. Regardless of what your baby can and can’t understand, talking around them is super beneficial. Something you can try is telling them about your day before they go to bed or even while you change their diaper. Although it may sound silly, stuff like that can actually help their language as well as their communication development. Reading is another form of talking that they should be hearing as well. Even if they can’t understand a story yet, it is good for them to hear the plot of a children’s book because over time, they will begin to understand what the story is about and who the characters are. 

Get Them Moving

Obviously, as a baby, moving can be limited. Before your little one can even walk, you may not have many ideas on how to get them moving other than crawling. One good way to start is getting them any sort of sensory toy that can get them active, whether that is with an activity center or bouncer. You can also do something as simple as hand games with them like patty-cake. This is important due to the fact that they are using both hands while interacting with someone. This skill will help them as they grow and will teach them to use both of their hands. 

Eye Contact

Looking at your baby and encouraging them to look at you is essential. This will enhance their ability to learn proper communication as they get older. Doing this will also help you connect with them more. It is also important for them to be able to actually see something, allow their eyes to focus on it, and process what they are looking at. Try holding one of their favorite toys or stuffed animals about 8 to 12 inches from their face, once they properly focus on it, it is a great sign if they reach out to try to take it from you. This will show that they can see what they want and they will know in their head that they want to hold the item. Though this may sound simple, it is a great display of their intelligence. 

Going On A Walk

Once you get your child in their stroller, you can take them anywhere. Allowing them to be able to see the world around them is crucial. Whether you are going on a walk through your neighborhood, a park, or a mall, you are letting your little one see a world that is full of surprises. Over time, they will become familiar with their surroundings. This is great for them to process where they are and allow them to understand when they are seeing something new and unfamiliar. 

Cheer Them On

Be your baby’s personal cheerleader! When they are making tiny milestones like smiling or laughing, cheer them on. This will allow them to understand many levels of communication. This will also help them learn more, as they may try to do something that will get a smile from someone. The type of encouragement that you may give them such as clapping or saying, “Yay!” will sometimes make them want to do something huge, like taking their first step. Another perk of this is helping your baby understand emotions like excitement and joy. 

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July 12, 2022 — Emma Swain


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Great information- every little bit helps as I encourage development!

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