Halloween is right around the corner, and it's time to begin looking for some costume ideas! Choosing the perfect Halloween costume, as a child, is serious business. Kids can be very specific about their wants. Maybe they want an obscure costume that's hard to find. Or maybe they have specific additions they want added to their costume that aren’t available. This is where your crafty skills come into play. Read more for some DIY kids costumes you can make that are easy and fun!


One of the most popular Halloween costumes is a cat. The most common colored feline is typically a black cat, as it’s easy to style and create at home! You can also find many different types of cat costumes at stores or online. But for a more unique approach, take matters into your own hands and create it from items your child already has. You can use black t-shirts or long-sleeved shirts (for added warmth and layers). If it is colder in your neighborhood, you can add a simple black jacket (preferably fluffy for more of a cat look!). Black leggings, jeans, or sweatpants can work for bottoms, but for some more fun detail, a cheap, black tutu can be an extra layer to stand out. Last but not least, don’t forget some cat ears and black mittens if it’s cold outside.


Yeehaw! Your child can have a fun and bright outfit that will make them look like the coolest kid in town. What’s great about cowboy/cowgirl costumes is that they are very versatile. They can range in all different categories such as color, size of hat, boots, etc. Some basic and obvious foundations of the outfit can easily be found in your child’s closet. Blue jeans and a button up shirt are an easy start. You can find cheap and colorful cowboy hats at any party store near you or on Amazon. For cowboy boots, this is more of a personal choice. If those specific boots aren’t an option, it won’t make your kid look any less cooler! Normal boots will look great. For an extra addition to the costume, you can add a small rope as a lasso and attach it to their jeans. 


One of the most simple, classic, and funny outfits that a kid can wear on Halloween is a white sheet with eye cut-outs. This is a timeless costume that, no matter how common, will always ensure that you get a compliment. This outfit will also ensure that your child is comfortable throughout the night and they also won't lose any added layers or accessories. Speaking of layers, when it is cold at night, you don’t have to worry about layering ruining the costume. All of those layers will be hidden under the sheet. For sheet details, if you cannot find a white sheet laying around your house, you find extremely cheap ones at a local store or online.


If your little girl wants to go as their favorite princess this year, you can start by finding a version of the princess’s outfit. Most dresses are easy to find for various prices and quality types online (Amazon, Etsy, etc.). But, to ensure that your child still feels special in her dress, you can provide a special crown for her and some fun shoes that will be comfortable to run around in. You can also spice up the look by doing fun hairstyles for your daughter that will still let people know who she is going as this year! 

Cardboard Animals

For this costume, you may have to get your Xacto knife out and any old cardboard that has piled up in your garage. Step one: see which animal your child wants to be. Maybe their favorite animal is something that is a little more detailed and complicated to make out of cardboard. So, try to settle for something on the simple side. Besides, no one is going to have the same exact cardboard shape, animal, or colors, as your child! To get your child involved, once you are done cutting it up and sizing it, have them help you color it. It can be accurate to the real life colors or various bright colors that your child decided to use. Then, get some glue or velcro and straps (anything that could work for holding the cardboard over your child’s shoulders). Adjust that to your child's liking and then there you go! Similar to the ghost, this costume can ensure that your child will have no discomfort wearing as many layers as needed. 

October 02, 2022 — Emma Swain

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