It is officially time to go back to school! This time of the year, for parents and children alike, can be very stressful. Getting back into the groove of waking up early and spending most of the day in a classroom is not always fun. So, we have come up with a great way to get something for your child to look forward to. An exciting, filling, and healthy lunch. School lunch does not always seem too desirable to kids, so packing them something they can truly enjoy is sure to make their day. 
DIY Pizza
Kids tend to really like taking their own control and building things ranging from lego sets to pizzas. So, sending your child to school with some simple pizza ingredients in their lunch bag can make them look like a professional chef at lunchtime. Simply include mini tortillas, a small amount of tomato sauce, as much cheese as they desire, and any other additional toppings. Be sure to include some fruit to add on the side as well such as grapes, sliced apples, or strawberries!
Peanut Butter and Apple Sandwich
Let’s say your child has more of a sweet tooth. Putting unhealthy snacks in their lunch is not the best way to help with this. So, instead, you can provide them with a yummy peanut butter and apple sandwich. Spread the peanut butter on your choice of bread, and place apple slices on top of it. You can also add a sprinkle of cinnamon for added flavor!
Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bites
Another meal you can make with peanut butter is a bite sized snack that is yummy for people of all ages. Simply get an oatmeal mixture and some peanut butter and roll it into a ball. Then, add some chocolate chips to it and set them in the freezer for about 2 hours. Soon enough, they will be ready to be packed away into your child’s lunch!
Adding last night’s dinner to your child’s lunch is always a good idea. Therefore they can have a nice and filling meal, and you don’t have to worry about it going bad in your fridge! You can use an inexpensive thermos to store this food to keep it nice and warm by the time lunch rolls around. It wouldn’t hurt to also include some chips as well, just as a fun snack. 
Veggie Rolls
For an extra healthy lunch, veggie rolls are a refreshing meal to give your child lots of energy! You can even get them to help prepare this meal, as it is quick and easy to assemble. Choose some veggies of their choice as well as any type of tortilla. Then, add a sauce to hold down the veggies on the tortilla. Sprinkle your veggies around it and then wrap it up neatly and tight so the vegetables don’t fall out. Voila! Now your kid can go to lunch with a fancy roll that might make the process of eating vegetables a little more bearable. 
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September 09, 2022 — Emma Swain

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