Hospital Bag Checklist – Must Haves

When the big day finally arrives, you need to be prepared! Coming to the hospital to give birth to your little one is something you will always remember, so making sure it is as stress-free as possible is every family’s goal. Bringing essential items to make you feel as comfortable as possible will ensure that you and your baby’s experience is something you can always look back on. Whether it’s days, hours, or weeks leading up to your big day, preparing your essentials is crucial. Making sure you have everything ready in advance will make you and your family much more relaxed about the exciting process of heading to the hospital! Read this checklist to see which items you MUST bring with you in your hospital bag.


At the top of the list are documents: your insurance card, hospital paperwork, and photo ID. Searching for these can be a pain, especially when you are in a rush. So, making sure you have these documents all together, ready to go in advance, will be a huge relief. Another document that you could also include could be a contact list. When you give birth, everything can seem very overwhelming, and you may forget who you want to contact about your birth. So, writing down a list of loved one’s contact information can ensure that you won’t forget anyone when informing everyone about the big news.

Toiletries and Clothing

You can’t always guarantee that you will be provided with many essential toiletries at the hospital. So, making sure you have items to make you feel as comfortable as possible before and after giving birth is important. Some things you can include in your bag are: lip balm, creams, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, hair ties, brush, travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wipes, maternity pads, etc. Other essentials you can bring from home for extra comfort are pajamas/loungewear, slippers, comfortable undergarments, and a pregnancy pillow. If you decide to breastfeed, you should also include your breast pump (just in case) as well as nursing bras.

For Baby

It is very important that you come to the hospital prepared for your baby’s arrival to the world. Bringing essential items for them is one of – if not the most- important things to bring. Include a diaper bag, socks, baby blanket, swaddle, and a few outfits for when you take baby home. When bringing clothes for your little one, be prepared with both newborn size and 0-3 size. You never know what size clothing your baby will fit into until baby is born. If you are not feeling like packing your own, treat yourself to a Hospital Bag that you can order online. Baby Boldly has THIS BAG that is ready to go. It comes with a price tag of $229 which includes the bag and all the essentials.

Drinks and Snacks

Bringing your favorite snacks and drinks is a nice treat when you’re at the hospital. You can’t always be provided with the specific foods that bring you the most joy, so taking your comfort snacks or energy bars is a great tip.

Device Chargers

The last thing you want to stress about is having a low battery on your phone, cameras, etc. on your big day! Including all of your chargers to make sure you can successfully capture lifelong memories is very important. This is a day you and your child will remember for the rest of your lives, so make sure you come prepared.


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May 05, 2022 — Emma Swain

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