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For most, one of the hardest parts of parenthood is getting your child to sleep…especially through the night. That is one of the many challenges of raising a baby. Finding a system that works for them as quickly as possible is a great idea and largely beneficial. Plus, it will get their body used to sleeping at certain times of the day and night. Keep reading for some great sleep strategies.

Make A Schedule

Babies don’t have a concept of day vs. night. So, it’s a parents job to set a schedule for their child, or else your baby will want to sleep around the clock (typically when its inconvenient for your family). A great way to start is by making sure they aren’t sleeping too much during the day, because then they could likely be up for hours in the night. If your baby sleeps too long during the day, they are more likely to get hungrier at night. Based on how old your baby is, you can use your own experience to base how long their naps should be. You can also research average nap times for your child’s specific age, or contact your pediatrician.


The more comfortable your baby is, the easier it will be to ensure they get a good rest. Whether they are napping, or put to bed for the night, they should always be in comfortable attire. In order to find the perfect loungewear/pajamas for your baby, you can click HERE to check out our best bedtime apparel! Another item that is highly recommended by many parents is the Kyte Baby Sleep Sack. This sleep bag is buttery soft and keeps baby at a comfortable temperature all night long. Blankets in the crib are a no-no, so always opt for a sleep sack to keep your baby warm. 

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Reduce Noise

It can be hard for people of any age to fall asleep when there are loud noises nearby. This is why it is important to make sure your baby is sleeping in a quiet part of your home (or wherever you are). You can also block out external noises by purchasing a sound machine with different settings to ensure that your baby’s environment is quiet and calming. However, sometimes your baby might be so tired that they could fall asleep just about anywhere, regardless of the noise!

Activity During the Day

Making sure your baby is active during the day is helpful in having them distinguish the difference between day and night. There are many ways that you can keep your baby busy during the day. Whether they are engaging with your family members, friends, or even yourself, that can keep them active. It is also good for them to be socially active, as it will help them understand more about the world around them! Another activity that is very important is tummy time. Tummy time is a very common activity which consists of placing your baby on their stomach on a soft surface, and having them use their arms and neck to push up. During this activity, your baby must be supervised at all times, and it’s even a good idea to engage with your child and cheer them on to encourage them to use their strength. This will promote motor skills and be highly beneficial.

Calm Environment

Before putting your child to sleep for the night, it can be hard to calm them down or create a peaceful environment that quickens the process of them falling asleep. This can be done in many different ways. You can begin by keeping minimal lights on, and only keep a lamp or nightlight on. Try to sit with your child for a bit and read to them. Even though they won’t be able to understand everything you are saying, it is good for them to see or hear your voice! Plus, if you want them to learn how to sleep without you in the room, gradually move farther away from their crib after you’ve put them to bed each night. This can take some time! 

Teaching your baby good sleep habits takes time. Be patient and know that it will all come around eventually!

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