It is finally travel season…the perfect combination of stress and relaxation. Just when you think you are fully prepared, it can seem like something always goes wrong. But that is normal and extremely common. Traveling can be even more chaotic when you have your child with you, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Even the smallest tips and tricks can make a huge difference on the flow of your trip. Read more if you want your vacation to be as smooth as possible and enjoyable for the whole family!


This may seem self explanatory, but catching up on sleep as you lead up to your vacation is crucial. You want to be fully energized in order to deal with anything that comes your way. When it comes to your little one, make sure they are sticking with their normal sleep schedule. That way, you know what to expect at certain times of the day. That is, especially when you’re in the car or on a plane. Knowing when they are usually hungry or tired from a nap is very important and can help you be more prepared. Another tip (if possible), could be planning a flight or short driving trip when their typical nap time is, so it is ensured that they can sleep the whole time. You can do the same thing with planning for sightseeing trips as well, so you don’t have to worry about any disruption. 

Pack in Advance

It’s the night before your trip, and you find yourself frantically packing anything you can find into your suitcase. That can be the most stressful thing about going on vacation. After all of the planning, preparation for your family, and more, you may find that you forgot to do anything for yourself. So put yourself first. Pack about a week in advance so you have a handful of days to worry about other things like packing for your child. You can also always add whatever last minute items to your suitcase as well! Another thing to do in preparation of packing is your stroller. If you are bringing your stroller on your flight, make sure that it meets the weight requirements and ensure that you are prepared for any complications! If you are traveling in your car, bring a stroller that can easily fold/unfold for quick transportation.


Parents and kids can easily become hangry during the stressful moments on vacation. So it’s always good to have snacks prepared for everyone. You can simply have a bag of crackers or chips, a granola bar, fruit, etc. in your bag at any time. This is crucial, because you never know what bumps in the road could occur. You also may go to a restaurant and your child may disapprove of the food. In that case, have a snack ready for them to tie them over until they can have something to fill them up. 

Keeping Track

The most important part of traveling with your family is to keep track of everyone. It may seem easy to get distracted while figuring out boarding passes or getting your luggages weighed. Next thing you know, your child may have wandered off to the aisle next to you, or they are staring out the window behind you. This is why it is important to take shifts. As parents, take shifts on who is watching over your child and who is dealing with the typical vacation duties such as checking into your hotel. This is a crucial step and will also make your worries disappear and allow things to go a whole lot smoother. 


Searching for your documents such as passports can be a pain, especially when you are in a rush. So, making sure you have these documents all together, ready to go in advance, will be a huge relief. It’s very helpful for most people to have small holders for their passports to keep them separated from everything else. In regards to your child’s passport, always keep a hold on those. They can be easily lost if they are kept in your child’s care. Even if they seem old enough to hold onto them, it’s best to keep all of the passports together and with an adult. 

Passing The Time

Traveling requires a lot of waiting around whether you're in the hotel lobby, traffic, or in the airport. So, make sure you have something for you and your family to pass the time. It’s especially important to have something to keep your child entertained and busy when they’re not sleeping. Having minimal and small toys that they can play with is a great idea. You can also find ways to keep them busy with you as well. You can play an i spy game with them to get your child aware of their surroundings. You could also tell them about their upcoming vacation or what is on the agenda to keep them engaged.

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July 12, 2022 — Emma Swain

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