Being pregnant is a very beautiful and exciting yet challenging time in a mothers life. So, when you are going through your 9 months of pregnancy, it is always important to take good care of yourself and your baby. Besides, everything you do in this time is for the both of you! Self care is not limited to simply going to a spa (although that is included in this blog!). Self care takes many forms, as it can be considered meditation, reading, listening to music, going outside, taking a warm bath, etc. Forms of self care are extremely accessible to all moms out there, meaning that you can care for yourself whenever, wherever!

Move Around

Though you may not feel like getting up and moving, exercising while you’re pregnant is highly recommended by doctors! You don’t even need any fancy equipment! Simply taking at least 10-30 minutes out of your day to move your body around is a huge start and you will even feel a positive difference. Walking is a great way to slowly start this journey, because you can go anywhere and take some time for yourself to get some fresh air. It will also be painless for you, as walking is very gentle on your joints. Another exercise option you can try is yoga. Prenatal yoga classes are not very hard to find and a perfect setting for you to connect with other moms! It is also a great environment for quiet and calm. However, it is important to make sure that you stretch beforehand (walking or yoga), and that you are staying hydrated throughout. Also make sure you don’t overheat and wear light and comfortable clothing! If you are unsure about your physical capabilities, contact your doctor and talk with them about what types of exercises work best for you.


Pamper Yourself!

Finding time to plan out a spa day/vacation for yourself can be hard. However, when you are pregnant, it’s important to put you and your time first! So, try looking online for some day spas near you or even plan a vacation! In fact, prenatal massages are actually encouraged, as it can increase circulation, ease swelling, relieve headaches and back pain, and improve digestion. Before planning for a formal spa day/vacation, make sure you are aware of the health concerns of spas and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If a formal spa day/vacation isn’t the best option for you, then doing it at home is perfectly fine! You can stock up on facial and body products that you love, take a warm bath, play some music, and relax. 


Catch Up On Your Rest

Relaxation is crucial when you’re pregnant; especially sleeping. You are not only getting this rest for yourself, but also your baby, so don’t feel guilty for lying in bed for an extra few minutes or taking a nice nap. Besides, it can feel nearly impossible to get a full night's sleep when you're pregnant too! Within your certain trimesters, your sleep may fluctuate. Sometimes it may be hard to sleep, other times it may be very easy to fall asleep. Whatever part of your pregnancy you may be in, sleep is a necessity. So, 7-9 hours of sleep every night (naps included throughout the day) is highly recommended for pregnant women. It is also important to know that lack of sleep CAN impact your labor and delivery negatively. 

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

This may seem self explanatory, but it is very important to follow your doctor’s recommendations and orders when you’re pregnant. This will give you the mental reassurance that will give you so much less stress! They know the ins and outs of pregnancy, and over the period of your 9 month pregnancy, they get to know you, your body, and baby very well. They will know what is best for you both. It is always good to check in with them and ask any questions you may have. Their job is to make sure your pregnancy is as smooth as possible and is also safe for you and your baby. They are a great resource that you must take advantage of while you have them!


Eat Well

Within the 9 months of pregnancy, you find out a lot about yourself mentally and physically. So, you may be surprised when you find a new liking for foods that you once hated or vice versa. Then, you might want to try all different types of food with your crazy cravings. However, it is important to remember that everything that you are eating is going to your baby as well. You want to be eating foods that will ensure that your child will grow and develop, so talking with your doctor about diets or restricting specific foods is very important. But, remember, this is all about self care! So, don’t hold back on having some of your favorite meals! Just make sure you are cautious!

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